The provisional programme is available below. You can also download it here as a PDF.

𓇼 Joining remotely

10:30   Registration, Tea and Coffee

10:50   Opening Remarks

11:00   Roundtable

Elizabeth Frood (University of Oxford), Fatma Keshk𓇼 (Institut français d’archéologie orientale and Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw), Daniela Rosenow (University of Oxford), and Richard Bruce Parkinson (University of Oxford)

12:30   Lunch

Panel 1: Entertainment and Education

1:00     Maiken Mosleth King (University of Bristol): ‘The Curse of Tutankhamun: Assassin’s Creed Origins’

1:20     Ramy Hammady𓇼 (University of Essex):‘New Eye to an Immersive Holographic World at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo’

1:40     Sam Powell (University of Birmingham):‘Howard Carter’s Briefcase: A brief case study of using replicas and props as a means of engagement’

2:00     Q&A

Panel 2: Readers, Writers, and Consumers

2:15     José das Candeias Sales𓇼 (Centro de Estudos Globais da Universidade Aberta) and Susana Mota𓇼 (Centro de Estudos Globais da Universidade Aberta): ‘Tutankhamun in Portugal: Reports in the Portuguese press (1922–1939) – How was the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb portrayed to the Portuguese?’

2:35     Kamila BrauliÅ„ska𓇼 (University of Warsaw): ‘The Tomb of Tutankhamun Re-told: The last 100 years of the two babies from KV 62’

2:55     Summer Austin𓇼 (University College London): ‘Tut Trademarked: The commodification and branding of Tutankhamun’

3:15     Q&A

3:30     Tea & Coffee

Panel 3: Artistic Responses, Past and Present

3:45     Daniel Rafaelic (University of Zagreb): ‘Revenge of the Pharaohs: The lost 1924 film biography of Howard Carter’

4:05     Deena Mohamed𓇼: Tutankhamun in Shubeik Lubeik – title TBC

4:25     Sara Sallam𓇼: ‘I Prayed For The Resin Not To Melt’

4:45     Q&A

5:00     Wine Reception

5:30     Performance by Don’t Go Into the Cellar

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